Reliving Childhood Memories: The Plaza (Evergreen Plaza)

Two weeks ago, I went to the doctor’s with my Mum (Don’t worry.. it wasn’t anything serious bout me at all. My Mum had an appointment to go to) at Evergreen Park. Granted, I haven’t been there in so long (Actuallly, since I was a kid. I was maybe 10 years old at that time), but while she went to see the doctor, I decided to check out what The Plaza (Or Evergreen Plaza as it used to be called) actually looks like now, and see how much it has changed over the years.

..and man, did it changed.. A LOT.


When I first got to Evergreen Park, the first thing that I noticed was the Evergreen Plaza sign. Granted, the only thing that I remember from my childood was that Carson’s.. and it’s still there, despite the construction going on there. Yes, I really hate to say this, but Evergreen Plaza mall.. is no more. It has been torn down ever since 2013. Now, they’re revamping Evergreen Plaza as an outdoor mall with 30-40 stores (I read that online when I was spending the weekend with Touré). The Advocate Medical Center is still there, of course.., but everything else is gone.

As I make my way closer to the plaza, there were still a few things that hasn’t been demolished (..but will possibly sooner or later).

20160705_143700.jpgThis sign is still there, and the parking garage is still there as well.. although it has been sealed off for, I believe since the construction has started in 2013.


I would actually love to get a shot of what the inside of the garage looks like now.. if I can.

As I walked deeper into The Plaza, I realized that Carson’s is still open. Curious as to what it looks like now, I decided to go in and take a look.


Before I went inside, something else caught my eye. I don’t know if this office building was still open or not, but I decided to leave it alone for now.


When I walked inside, I quickly realized that it was just another typical shopping day there. I went ahead and scoped out the store, trying to see what has changed over the last sixteen years. Parts of the store has been blocked off due to construction, and apparently, either possible store renovation or closing. This is one of a few parts that has been blocked off, and in it, you can see the store fixtures and one of the entrances to the mall (Or to the store itself. I’m gonna take a wild guess that it’s the mall entrance) that has been sealed off.

20160705_144456Another entrance that has been sealed off.

..and yet, another mall entrance. However, what’s different about this one is that you can see the words “MALL NORTH” at the top. Perhaps that one or both of the previously blocked doors were the other entrances to the mall? Who knows…

20160705_145103.jpgI had to leave the store quickly, cause I knew that Mum’s appointment would be over by the time I came back from the medical center, but before I left, I decided to take a picture of this, just in case someone decides to remove it and redecorate it.


All in all, it was fun traveling to Evergreen Plaza again after sixteen years. If I knew that the mall itself was gonna be closed down for good, then I would’ve went there and check it out before they demolished it. I kinda regret not seeing it though.., however, all is not lost. There will be an outdoor mall there next year, so I’m kinda curious to check it out once it’s finished.

This Friday or next week, I will travel to Evergreen Plaza again to check out Carson’s again, since I will have more time to do so. Also, next week, I will be traveling to another park that I went to as a kid, and see how much it has (Or hasn’t) changed. Stay tuned!


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