…Until You Set Your Foot in My World

I always hear people tell other people (Mainly friends telling other friends, parents telling their children and other family members, and whatnot): “You don’t know what I am going through until you set your foot in my world! I want to see you take on my life for a change!” To me, I think people shouldn’t judge other people due to what’s going in their lives. Just because one person has everything he/she wants, doesn’t mean that he/she will be happy for the rest of his/her life.. or have to go round and brag to other people who are struggling that he/she has the life and the other person doesn’t. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but one day, it will.

Now, I’m not rich, but I wanna be rich. I wanna have everything that I want, but guess what? Like everyone else in the world, I’m struggling. I’m struggling to save money so I can get myself my own car and travel. It’s hard. It’s very hard.

If someone came up to me, telling me that he/she has their own car, their own apt, and living the rich life, and judges me for being poor and I’m not gonna make it, well I have one thing to say to that person:

Until you set your foot in my world, DO. NOT. JUDGE. ME. You don’t know what it’s like to share one car with your Mum. You don’t know how sad and depressing it is to find another job without having your Mum complaining to you that it’ll not work with her schedule. You don’t know how hard it is to work at a dead end job working part time at minimum wage, while trying to save money for the finer things in life. Hey, so many teen parents and young adult parents are struggling to raise their kid(s). Now and days, most undergrad and grads are still living with their parents. Times are hard now, and people are trying to save money, because it’s hard to make money now and days.

Until you set your foot in my world, don’t judge me.


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