The End of Another Childhood Store

Yep… starting tomorrow, Office Depot in Calumet City is shutting down for good. Yet another childhood store is closing. Like someone that I know said: “Calumet City is becoming a ghost town”.. and that person is right. Recently, there has been a bunch of shootings and killings in this area, and I just found out that there are people who are buying and selling weed around the complex that I live… and near me (There’s a condo by me where a few of my family members used to live a long time ago, before it turned bad.. or so I’ve heard, and they’re right. There’s nothing, but mostly drug dealers there.., and it’s sad). Well… time to say goodbye to another store that I grew up on. Note: These pictures I took yesterday. Their final day of business is tomorrow.. which I won’t get to go see for the final time, cause I’ll be in Rosemont for the entire weekend.




012I tried my best not to get caught by the employees there.. and I actually didn’t get caught. What a relief.. and a surprise.





017All there was left when I was there was a bunch of fixtures that was up for sale and a few items that are for sale for 60 all the way to 90% off. Just like Target and Pier 1 Imports, this left me with a hint of sadness in me. Another store that I used to go to when I was a kid/preteen.. now gone.

018Now the nearest Office Depot location (Same with Target) is in Homewood. Looks like I’ll be making a trip over there in a few weeks to get some printer ink for my new printer, so I can start using it. Oh well… time to say goodbye once again.

Goodbye Office Depot in Cal City…pretty soon I’ll be leaving this suburban place in a year… hopefully.


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