Special Trip to the Morris Currelo Conference

Taken with the FCC choir.. I had a blast at my very first conference.



20170901_184523Hyatt Regency O’Hare




20170901_225427Cold Stone Creamery


Location: Rosemont, IL


Revisiting Childhood Travels: Chicago Ridge Mall

It’s been a VERY long time since I last went to Chicago Ridge Mall (Ever since I was about 8-11 years old), and boy has it changed A LOT. There was a small arcade right next to the food court, that now has been replaced with T-Mobile. There was also a movie theatre right across from the food court (I can’t remember what it was called…) that also had a few arcade games in it (I wanted to check it out, but of course.. I couldn’t, cause a. I was a kid at the time and b. Family members needed to make sure that they kept their eyes out on me at all times, since I tend to wander a lot, out of curiosity. I was a bit of an adventurer as a kid. Boy, if I had a camera during that time…), but that was also replaced with AMC Theatre.

There’s also The Athlete’s Foot that has been there since I was a kid, and it’s still there.. surprisingly. Here’s what I found when I visited there a few days ago.



20170802_121327This took almost two hours to do a color splash on. Anyway, I can’t remember if that carousel was there or not a little over a decade ago.. I believe it was. Still… Next time, I’ll plan on going on there.

20170802_121459Dragon merry-go-round

20170802_123134From Gloria Jean’s Coffees

20170802_132030Pretty soon, it’ll be time to say goodbye to Teavana. This was my very first time going there, and it looks pretty cool. I’m gonna miss this place once it shuts down for good.

I actually had fun exploring the mall again.. in a VERY long time. My inner child self was happy to get out and explore. Next time I go, it’ll be with friends and/or my babe.

Location: Chicago Ridge, IL

Evening Walk To An Abandoned Store

Last night, I decided to walk nearby my house to explore an abandoned store that I always pass by almost throughout my entire life. Also, I decided to try out my phone camera to see how good it takes during the evening and night hours.

Locations: Calumet City and Dolton, IL


20170804_202211Old, faded sign. Also, this is one of the few routes that connects between Calumet City and Dolton.

20170804_202425One day, or sometime next week, I’ll explore this dead end place. There are houses hidden beneath there, but there is a bit more that I need to explore from there. Also, the next few pictures that I took are from Dolton, not Calumet City.. much to my surprise. What a small world…

20170804_202501This is the G. C. Milhahn Florist & Greenhouse. This has been here through all of my entire life, until it closed a year or two ago. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to check it out before it closed for good.



20170804_202520‘Heirloom, Tomatoes, & Peppers’

20170804_202828Route to the highway. Also, to my left, there’s a cemetery.

20170804_203131Back in Calumet City. I always wanted to explore this side by my house.

20170804_203339Unknown plant.. or fruit. I’ve never seen it before, until last night when I walked by here. I’m not even sure if it’s poisonous or not, so I decided not to mess with it. Also, for safety reasons, I decided not to venture into the tall grass, fearing that there’s poison ivy leaves, ticks, spiders, snakes, or mice hidden inside.

20170804_203407Final shot before I decided to head back home.

My Photography Facebook Page

Hey everyone, if you have Facebook, be sure to like and check out my photography page: https://www.facebook.com/AbriellesPhotography/. I always try to upload photos on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, so be sure to stay tuned!

I will be heading to downtown Chicago in the next month or two to take some evening/nighttime photos, since I haven’t done so in a long time (..and also to de-stress and unwind, since it’s much needed). Peace out!

–Abrielle Corsette

Cemetery Playground

Finally.. my childhood mystery of what is behind the former Fairplay and Blast Fitness is finally revealed.




20170717_104711The entrance to a cemetery. I’m not sure if it actually closes during the night or not, but there is only one way to find out: Time to take a trip there at night, hopefully soon.

20170717_104848My first steps into this cemetery. I’m not sure if it has been abandoned for quite some time, or if people actually have funeral services there. I will have to check the graves to find out next time I come here. Thankfully, it’s only 3 minutes from my house.

Natural Light Testing



This was taken several weeks ago, but because I’ve been busy with work and other stuff, I haven’t had time to post it. Bored, I decided to try out some photography through natural sunlight for the very first time. It was a complete success, as you can see from above. I will try natural sunlight through other objects and locations very soon.