My Dream Bikes

013Next year I’m hoping to move into a house in South Holland, and so one of the things that I wanna get is a bike. After living there for about a few years or so, I’m gonna sell the house to move into an apartment in downtown Chicago, before I leave Illinois for good.

While I was at Wal-Mart with my Mum last week, I found some bikes that I wanna buy. So… to make up for last month, since I didn’t have any time to do some photography due to the weather and work, I’m gonna show you guys my dream bikes that I really want.

006007008009010What I like about this bike is that it’s white and green, and it has a basket and a cup holder!

011015012014I really like this one, cause not only does it have a basket, but it also has a bag in the back! I’m kinda skeptical about it, cause in case you’re riding it one day and you have something in there, and then someone comes from behind and takes it without you knowing it. Well.. unless you don’t have any headphones or earbuds in your ear, or if you don’t live in a bad neighborhood.., then things should be fine.

017018019I adore this bike cause of the color, and the bike seat is adorable too!

If I had to choose between those three bikes.. it would have to be the second bike, although you could put a little bag on top of the back seat on the white and green bike.

Anyway, since the weather’s starting to get a lot better and warmer, I can finally start doing some photography. Monday, I’m gonna do a little project on abandoned buildings near my area (Since there are getting more and more of em, sadly). Happy Good Friday, everyone!


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