Newly Remodeled Starbucks

So, so, so sorry it took soo long to get the pictures onto here. I was busy with school and work. Here are the pictures for the newly remodeled Starbucks in Calumet City:

001New seats and tables to sit at outside

002I don’t know what that table was for.

003Come see the inside!

004Higher seats and tables. They do have a plug socket there.. a few of em, to be exact.

005New conference table. Yes, the floors have been remodeled too.

016Come on, let’s go inside even further!


006More higher seats and tables.

007The bathrooms have been remodeled too.

008Now you can see the baristas make your drinks over there.

009The menu has been remodeled too. It’s actually different now, since the holiday season is very closely approaching.


011It’s changed now, I believe.

012New place for cold products.



015New lights

017Even more new lights.

So the newly remodeled Starbucks looks just like the ones from downtown Chicago.. if not, similar to it. If you’re in the Calumet City area, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!


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