Destination Chicago: Nighttime

Last Friday, I decided to take a trip to Chicago, one last time, for the year was out. This time, I wanted to check out Chicago at night, like old times.. except by myself. It was nice, but I gotta say: 1. I better take a coat with me next time I go downtown during the fall and winter, and not just a velvet jacket, cause temps in Chicago (In the downtown and lakefront area) are a lot cooler than the suburban area, 2. Never wear flats or even heels while walking downtown, and 3. Be sure to catch the earliest train time.. or else, I’ll be stuck in Chicago for the night, or worse, walk from Harvey all the way home at night. X(

0070My main goal was to sit at Starbucks and do homework and study for the midterms, but I decided to do an unexpected photo shoot of my trip to Downtown Chicago.. at night. I did do my homework and study along the way though.

008Surprisingly, while I was walking from Van Buren Street, I stumbled upon 11th street/Museum Campus. I never knew that I could easily reach 11th street via Van Buren Street by just walking a different direction, but I actually did.

009If I were to walk further, I would’ve either hit the rest of 11th Street/Museum Campus, or stumble upon the South Side (I.E. Hyde Park, ect.). I would’ve turned right back around, cause I didn’t wanna travel too far.

010011Stumbled upon these paintings as well. It’s amazing what type of stuff and places that you’ll find if you travel in different places in a city, let along a city like Chicago.

0120While I was walking around, I saw the Sears—ahem, I’m sorry—the WILLIS Tower (Bleh). It was an amazing sight to see. I would’ve check out the place, but I didn’t wanna venture too far from Van Buren Street… which in reality, I did towards the end of the trip.

013A closer shot of the Sears Tower. Hey, I’m used to calling it the Sears Tower, not the Willis Tower.

014There was a law school right across from this Barnes and Noble Starbucks Café that I was studying and doing homework at. Yes, there’s a Barnes and Noble in Chicago. I was shocked to find one.. I think this is the only Barnes and Noble that’s near me. Also, I had hot chocolate to warm me up. It was good.

015Also, this Barnes and Noble is right next to DePaul University. Man.. if I stay in Illinois after I graduate, I would surely apply to this university.. or University of Illinois.

016Nighttime! By the way, you see that purple-ish thingy at the top of the building? I found out Saturday that Chicago’s celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and they have some of the buildings pink for the month. That’s really awesome!!

017I took this just cause.

018A map of Chicago.

021I would’ve add my photography name on this pic, but it’s blurry… next time I go there, I’ll get a better of it.

0221Being in Downtown Chicago at night rocks!

025More pink.


027I believe I was near a financial company..

029The temp when I took this shot. Yes, I was kinda cold, but when you’re trying to find your way back to a street and you’re amazed by the night lights of a city, you don’t feel the cold.. or your feet hurting at all.

030I suddenly realized that I didn’t have any pics of me! Yea, that changed quickly. The wind was blowing when I took several pics.

0310I gotta say, this is actually one of my favorite pics that I took. I always wanted to get a pic of myself in the heart of Chicago at night.. and I finally got it.

032Again, the wind was blowing, and I was walking when I took this pic.

033This would’ve been another good pic, but I didn’t look directly into the camera for some reason. Oops.

034Me by the river.

03500370Do you guys see why I want to live in Downtown Chicago so badly??

043Guess what I stumbled upon while I was walking back to the train station? The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group)!!! I always wanted to find this place, and I actually found it!!! That just made my night. One day I will check it out.. and possibly work at this place.

0440After some 19 mins of trying to make my way back to Van Buren Street, I finally made it.. and check it out: One of the buildings have the pink ribbon (It’s cut off due to the trees, and I would’ve gotten a closer and better shot of it, but I didn’t have time to get a picture of it) and the lights are pink too!

0470450Did you know that the Crown Fountain changes color at night? I didn’t know it myself til I saw it with my own eyes.

046The diamond

0480Back to the suburbs. Until next year Chicago!!

049I hope you all enjoy! Bye bye!!


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