Lincoln Oasis

Pictures of my trip to the Lincoln Oasis in South Holland, IL on Monday. The Starbucks by my house is closed for two weeks due to renovation and construction, so for now, I’m going to another Starbucks to pass up the time. I decided to go to the one in South Holland, cause that’s the second closest one by my house.

010011There’s a 7-11 over there that I was seriously not aware of. In fact, I haven’t been to this Oasis since I was in high school.. and that’s like over… 8-9 years ago! A lot has changed since then. In the second picture, you can see the highway from where I was standing at.

012There’s a few Oasis in the Chicagoland. One of em is the Lincoln Oasis, located in South Holland. There’s another one, call the Hinsdale Oasis (I believe that’s the name of it).

013I found this right by the entrance.

014015 016They actually have Starbucks coffee cups in this crane machine.. and pink Domo!

017A mini play place.

018The view from inside the Oasis.

026Heh, it’s just me with my drink. May I say that the prices at Starbucks is like higher than the ones by my house. Like, the meal that I usually get (Butter croissant, grande (medium) hot chocolate and water) usually cost me bout $6. My meal at the Oasis: $6.51. So it’s usually not bad, but the other prices (Like a bag of chips or a can of pop), cost like $3-4, compare to the store prices of less than $.99. As Lawrence told me yesterday (Yea, we actually ate Starbucks here at the Oasis), this is hotel prices!

027028Photobombing traffic.. if you can call it that.., just because, that’s why.

025Every driver should know about this. If not, you better learn.

0190Monday I found this car.. would you believe this is the same car that was used in that cartoon show Speed Racer?? Yea, this is THE car!

collageI didn’t realize it until I did a collage of it this morning. This is actually really awesome!

Overall, for now until the Starbucks by my house reopens, this is the place I’m gonna stay at. It’s actually a cool place to stay and do work and whatnot.


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