Downtown Chicago Project

Hey everyone! Originally, I was suppose to do a special project last week, but it’s getting pushed to next week, cause I’ve been working my butt off last week…, and since this will be my only and possibly last time that I’m going to be in downtown Chicago for the year (Til hopefully May 2015, cause I’ll be in school in a few weeks, and thus I won’t be able to go there during that time), I decided to do a mini project called Abri’s Photography: Chicago. I know it’s not a good title, but I made it up just now, and believe me, this Downtown Chicago project was last minute. I just thought of this just now, and I always wanted to go to downtown Chicago by myself. I wish I can do this during the nighttime, but if I were to do this at night, it’ll have to be during October-February.

Hey.. maybe I can actually do this project again during one of those months, cause the days get shorter around those times, and I always wanted to take photos of downtown Chicago during the fall/winter! That’ll be the final project before this year ends. Awesome, I just thought of a final project that I wanna do before 2015! I’ll let you guys know when I’m gonna do that final project.

Anyway, the project will be finish by either Wednesday or Thursday (Depending on how free I am, and how much photos I take tomorrow as well). Well that’s about it for tonight.. I worked almost 15-16 hours total in two days, so I am tired. I’ll see you guys in a few days.

–Abrielle Corsette


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