S and L At the Mall

It’s 2:07 a.m., Sunday morning. It’s the second day of Summer, and I was home from picking up my Mum from work a few hours ago. I’m sitting here listening to late night jazz, thinking about the time that I spent with my best friend. I didn’t want to leave him, take him home.. I wanted to stay with him, so badly. We always end up having a fun time together. At this time, we actually went to Toys ‘R Us and Orland Square Mall.

We basically went to stores like Spencer’s, Hot Topic, Disney, and much more. We had a blast.

So we basically went to this store call Too Cool (My friend works there), and there were so much stuff that we found

017..like this Dragonball Z backpack. We saw lots more of it too.

013Dragonballs… there were only two of em left.

015Pokemon backpacks, Mario and Yoshi slippers! I wanted both of the backpacks though!

014Japanese food erasers. I had a few of em before. I don’t know if I still have em though.

016I started freaking out when I saw this: Devil May Cry 3 notepad.. I wanted it so bad.

We went to another store (I forgot what it was called), but we took a few pics. It was fun.

010Me and my best friend Lawrence. We somehow wore the same color shirt, with the same colors (Like red and yellow). Great minds think alike when it comes to us, lol.

011Me with my Black Sabbath shirt.

012Close up shot.

After we walked around in the mall, we found out that it was really raining and lightening… of course we didn’t bring umbrellas and coats with us, so what had happened was he gave me his shirt that he won in a survey to cover my head from the rain (My hair becomes frizzy and wavy when it gets wet), and we basically ran to the car, getting in puddles, screaming and whooping it up. It was funny, but crazy.

I always have a fun time with Lawrence.. I just wish that time will show down whenever we see each other. One day… we’ll have lots of time to spend with each other.., and not just for that one day. I hope that day comes soon.

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