National Flip a Coin Day

Did anyone know that yesterday was National Flip A Coin Day? I didn’t know that either until I was at Crackle Barrel yesterday with the family. After I had lunch, I came across this:

006One of these old pennies!

I actually found two more of these coins though.. 007 One came from 1877, the other from 0081856. They’re fake though.. if they weren’t, then they would’ve been collectors items… totally rare to find! Anyway, this is where the fun part came: One of the ladies who work there told me that today was National Flip A Coin Day.

0092If a person flips a coin, and lands on the right side, they win candy. If they win 3 out of 3, they get a soda. 5 out of 5, they win.. I guess that dollar bill candy, and so on. I managed to win on my first try.. however, I did manage to get 2 out of 3, so I was close. It was actually fun though. In the end, I had a great time.


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