National Library Week

I didn’t even notice that yesterday started National Library Week until I went to my local library, and I saw the poster that actually says about it. Score one for me!

Note: The books that I found really interest me, and I actually skimmed through it all.. including manga books. I love amine and manga, by the way.

1016941_668712933176524_8794171656161958170_nBooks like this one…

1795555_668709129843571_8299353077143761569_nThis one…

10153063_668712416509909_464271511498160292_nThis one…

10153144_668712773176540_1555366109922632568_n..and these got my attention. They’re actually awesome.

Another note: The Execution book got my attention the most, next to The Rape of Naking book. The books that I posted all got my attention.., but too bad they don’t have books like The Babysitters Club or any books that talk bout genocide of Cambodia.

1660687_669066033141214_6988436201237729352_nThis comic book was awesome

1908284_669065963141221_9004484976720787562_nSo was this one.

10259829_669065909807893_86638015032594858_nThe original 151 Pokemon.. this was awesome indeed.

10259934_669065876474563_2159733717319687263_nThis was awesome too.

I enjoyed my time at the library yesterday. I need to go there more often.. Happy National Library Week everyone! Be sure to take your children to the library this week, so they can start to love reading too!

Yours truly, the Nerdy Princess 😉


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