More Than Just a Beauty Shop

Sunday my Mum and I went to this beauty shop (I was getting some color hair extensions), and guess what I found?

002This! Seriously, have you ever seen a beauty supply shop that sells screwdrivers, steak knives, door locks, mouthwash, oh, and did I mention PREGNANCY TESTS?!



005Yes, they sell sponges here. I’m not kidding.

008009They also sell duffel bags and suitcases.


010Have you ever seen a beauty store that sells GARBAGE BAGS?? I haven’t seen anything like it!

011Yep, you’re seeing this correctly: Mouthwash, air freshener, baby powder, baby oil, tons of stuff that you would never see in a beauty shop.. except for the perm and pressing oil..


015Yep, they sell pads and tampons, and like I said before, they also sell pregnancy tests. I’m not kidding. All of this is proof that some beauty shops does carry more than wigs, hair extensions, clothes (Not the brand name clothes that we all know), hair care products, perm, shampoo, and weave. To be honest, this really surprised me, cause I have never been in a wig shop that sells cheap, generic soap powder, bleach, and knives. Still, it was funny to see my friends’ reaction to all of this when I post those pics on Facebook.

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