My Great-Grandmother

So yesterday on Facebook, one of my cousins on my father’s side posted a photo of her grandma, and I shared it, cause I didn’t know if she (my cousin’s grandma) was my grandma or my great-grandma. Turns out that she’s actually my great-grandma! I didn’t know that she was my great-grandmother until I logged onto Facebook today and looked at my comments. That almost made me cry though, that I actually have a great-grandmother…well, had one. She passed away before I was born. Here is her picture:

1001530_10203554092922384_1132145114_nHer name is Willie Mae Floyd, but her real name is Roxie. She came to Chicago from Arkansas (By that time, she changed her name from Roxie to Willie Mae). This is kinda weird, cause my great-grandma from my Mum’s side was from Oklahoma, and now I’m finding out that my great-grandma on my father’s side is from Arkansas. Jeez…, I have a bit of Southern blood in me.

Anyway, Willie Mae owned a drapery shop in Chicago, and she taught her daughters how to sew and cook. Finding out about my family history is making me happy, cause I always wanted to know about my family history.. from both my Mum and Father’s side. Never in my life would I realize that my great-family came from the South. Now I’m eager to travel to the Southern parts of the U.S., just to learn more about where and how my family grew up and lived at.

I had to thank my cousin though.. that was a great finding for me. Great great finding.


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