Valentine’s Day 2014

Despite me having to work on Valentine’s Day last Friday, I still had a chance to celebrate it with my love last night after work.

025Erik and I went to TGI Friday’s for our Valentine’s/anniversary day special. The food and drinks there were fantastic! I should’ve gotten the strawberry lemonade, but I wanted to try the regular lemonade (Although it was very tart indeed, it was still good, nonetheless).

026Of course, I had to get a shot of my babe, as always. He was looking hot… as always, lol.

028I didn’t even put on eye shadow this time, cause I was running low on time, and also I decided to go au natural. I didn’t even flat ironed my hair this time too!


029Did I mention that along with Valentine’s Day, we were also celebrating our 3 year anniversary as well?

030031033032TGI Friday’s décor. I was really trying my hardest not to get a pic of the people, as they were either eating their food, or they didn’t want any photos of them taken without their consent.

Speaking of the food…

034This is what we had for dinner. Erik had the Jack Daniels Sampler, and I had the Friday’s Pick-For-Three. It was really good.. although I did regret not getting what he had, cause that was my other choice as well. Oh well, maybe next time.

036Yes, this was my outfit that I had on… despite it being cold and snowy (Also despite having Erik’s gloves on the lens as well, but I guess he was trying to focus the shot on me, I say it was pretty good).

Well, this Valentine’s Day was very awesome, nonetheless… but next year, I’ll request that day off.


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