Making A Photography Facebook Page

I’ve been thinking today about making a photography Facebook page. Why? Well, I actually made a status bout wanting to make a photography page on there, and surprisingly I got 6 likes (Currently) from it! So as I play Metroid: Other M (I beat the entire game with 100% item collection for the very first time! I’ve been trying to beat this game for the last year, but that’s for another post… on my personal blog, that is), washing clothes, and playing games on my computer, my thoughts turn to the photography page. After receiving a comment from one of my friends, telling me that I should make a photography page (I actually have a photography album on my page, and I gotten a bunch of likes on it), I have decided to make a photography page on Facebook.

…aside from my friends and family liking my page, I wonder how many different people will like my page… I mean, would you like my photography page once I make it? I’m curious to see how many likes I’ll get for my page, once I set it up. I know I won’t get a lot of likes (Unless all of my fb friends and family like the page, which will be VERY unlikely), but it’ll be a slow, but steady process.

Once I set the page up, I will post it on this blog and my other two blogs, so that everyone will get a chance to like my page. As far as making a fashion and beauty page… I’ll probably consider it, if my photography page gets a lot of likes. Now and days, fashion and beauty is often being judged A LOT by society. I’m the type of person that used to get offended A LOT by criticism and bad comments based on my fashion and beauty ideas. I don’t get offended as much as I used to, but I now ignore the criticism and offensive comments, and focus more on suggestions/advices and positive comments. I’m not gonna make a fashion and beauty page for now, but maybe in the near future, I will.

Now I know that I’m gonna receive likes, dislikes, and all that crap once my photography page gets up and running, but I know how to handle it. I just hope that it’s gonna be as good as this blog.. and my other two blogs. Also, I might make a photography channel on YouTube as well, once I get all the necessary equipment, and once I set everything up. I’ll have more details as the time go by. Also with the photography Facebook page, I’ll have more details about it in the upcoming weeks, since the weather is about to get better, I can continue my photography skills. I’ll also have the website to my photography page once that’s said and done.

–Abrielle Corsette

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