Tazo Tea Ice Cubes

Step by step guide on how to make tazo tea ice cubes

Step 1: 001

Get a pack (Or two) of Tazo tea pack. Doesn’t matter what tea you use. I use passion.

Step 2: 002

Get a cup (Doesn’t matter what type of cup it is. I use my Starbucks cup). Fill water all the way to the top of the cup that you’re using.

Step 3: 003

Grab a small pan, pour the water that’s in your cup into the pan. Turn on the stove, and let the water boil.

Step 4: 004

Put your tazo tea packet into the same cup that you’re using.

Step 5: 005

Once the water is boiled, pour it into the same cup that you’re using, and just dip the packet up and down, just like you would normally do with any other tea packet.



Step 6: 008

Let tea cool before you pour it into ice cube tray

Final step: 009

Once tea is cooled to the point where you can touch your cup, pour it into the ice cube tray. As you can see, I made half Kool-aid strawberry ice cube trays that were in the process of freezing. You can actually put toothpicks in the juices to make mini popsicles. Fun idea to get the kids involved. I’m gonna do that next time I hang out with Melba and Amanda.


011 Halfway frozen up



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