Josh’s Baptism

Today was a touching day! I went to my godsister’s house with Erik, and saw my nieces and nephews, and my godson Josh! He was so adorable!!

So we went to Amber’s church, and took our seats. We said several prayers, heard from the children’s choir (My niece Izzy was in the choir. She was so adorable and sang so lovely too), and saw 3 children baptized (2 babies and a little girl)! I have never been to a baptism before, so seeing it was so exciting! I was shaking so much, I almost cried with joy when I got this:



This sheet was given to the godparents of the baptized children.. So yea, Erik and I got one. :’)

I never thought in a million years would I be a baby’s godparent! To top it all off, my bro Albert and sis Latoya are getting married!! They got engaged on Sweetest Day this yr, and guess what? Erik’s gonna be the groomsmen and I’m gonna be a bridesmaid!! 😀

What can I say.. God’s giving me blessings! I thank Him for it!







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