Pink Garbage Can

So, this month is the National Disability Employee Awareness month AND Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of the breast cancer awareness month, most everything (From the WWE ring ropes to parts of the Chicago Skyline) have been turn into pink. Yes, you heard me right: Parts of the Chicago Skyline and the top of the Sears (Or should I say Willis Tower? Honestly, they should’ve stuck with the Sears Tower) are now pink. Don’t believe me? Google it.

That’s not to say the least, I am prepared. Today, I wore my pink pajama pants and last week, I wore my Pink Breast Cancer Awareness jacket. Now, that’s all good and whatnot, but last week I’ve seen something that caught my eye. Believe it or not, this just took the cake:

002Yes people, a pink garbage can. Here’s a closer look:

002Yes, has anyone ever seen anything like this? I, in my entire life, have never seen this before. Here’s the story of that building in the background (No, not the Family Dollar store): 10 or so yrs ago, there used to be a car wash there. Business was picking up for several yrs, until the yr… 2010, 2011? The car wash was closed. Recently, they (The contactors) were building something. What it is, I have no idea. I rarely travel to Dolton anymore (Beyond the Family Dollar store, I rarely travel there, due to a whole bunch of traffic), so this time, I went there to get some pizza. While I was driving home, I spotted the pink garbage can. Whichever company came up with this… is a freakin genius. I’m dead serious.



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