Starbucks Review: Homewood, IL

Today I went to Starbucks, but not in the usual place that I would go to (I like to hop round from café to café… Starbucks-wise, haha). This time, I went to Starbucks in Homewood, IL. I had to go to a few stores over there, so I decided to check this place out (Never been there before, so I was kinda eager to see how it looks inside. Not all Starbucks are the same, ya see).

016 The first thing that I saw was that they had chairs outside of the café! The one other place that I know that they have chairs and tables to sit in is in Tinley Park. Yeh, I’m gonna compare a few Starbucks locations to get my point across… sorta.. and only the ones that I been to.

Of course, most of the Starbucks that I been to have drive-ins.. the only ones that don’t have em are in downtown Chicago.. and the mall, which is pretty obvious… too obvious. Again, I only been to 4 Starbucks locations.. okay, make it 5, but still…, I don’t know any other locations that don’t have drive-ins. Now, to check out on the inside:

001The Starbucks in Calumet City doesn’t have have that type of window that you can see your drinks being made.. and the machines that the baristas use to make em, but that’s only cause the Starbucks there is small. All the others are much bigger than the one by my house. Heck, even the Starbucks at the mall (Orland Square Mall, for instance) have see through windows.

002Oh, they have some awesome paintings here, just like the all the other Starbucks that I have been to.

009Most of the Starbucks letters at the bottom have been blocked out due to the sun, but I do love the painting… even though I don’t like coffee, but the painting is awesome!

014I also like this painting as well.

003004005006The view from outside. Yes, Boston Market is still open.. they have a few locations there, and Homewood is one of em. I haven’t been to Homewood in several months, so I forgot how big the stores are over here.


Chairs and tables differ from store to store, but I have to say, I love high chairs. The only places that I have seen with high chairs are in downtown Chicago.

010Just my stuff.

012Finally, here’s me.. in my new beret! My hair is only short, just cause I didn’t brush my hair when I got here.


P.S., So all in all, I like Starbucks stores. The ones that are my current favorites are in downtown Chicago, Tinley Park (They have a couch there!), and Calumet City. The one in Homewood is cool, but if the service were be a bit faster, then I would consider it my favorites.

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