Inventory Day 2013

So, yesterday was inventory day at my job.. which means that I had to be there at 5:55 in the morning. Yes, in the freakin morning!

I ended up waking up bout an hr before I was suppose to (I set my alarm to 4:30), all cause of the bathroom.. as always. When I woke up at 4:30, I woke up with Stricken playing as my alarm clock buzzer. I ended up taking a shower, getting dressed, going downstairs, eating breakfast, and preparing my Starbucks Energy Refreshers drink.


002I like the orange flavor better than the berry one, but I like both the orange and berry one better than the lime flavor. Also, the orange flavor has a bit sweet and tart at the same time.


004Sparkles. Sparkling. ^v^

As soon as I got to work, I saw a bunch of my coworkers waiting to go in as well. Once we all went inside, we went to the break room, ate some rolls, clocked in, met in the stockroom with the RGIS people (That’s pronounced re-gis, or ri-gis), and went to work. We were all split into groups, helping out the RGIS people (One to a few people are assigned to help out the RGIS team. Depending on if one is the ‘supervisor’ of the group or not, that person has to help one to several people on the RGIS team, and make sure that the count on each of the tables, racks, ect. are the exact count that the RGIS team member has counted. If it below or above the number that he/she counted and scanned, then store team member has to tell the person who’s in charge of the inventory thingy that there was a bad count, and whoever did the inventory count has to correct it).

So, I was assigned to a team (All guys (Mike and Alex), including the RGIS team that was on my team were guys. I was the only girl in the group til my coworker Talia came and helped out a few hrs later), and I guess you can say that I was assigned to help the inventory count with a RGIS team member. The guy that I helped out was named Dan. He’s a very nice guy, and me and him kinda bonded a bit (We mainly talked bout his family, the type of music that we both like, and video games. Yes, freakin video games and music! The other guy, named Denis, was talking bout the same things with us. Yes, what kind of music did we talk bout? Rock, metal, old school rock and metal, and country!!! Both of them were rock and metalheads!! Dan was telling me that he was in a band 2 yrs ago, until his back gave out on him. Omg, that just made my day yesterday!! :D)

So, a few hrs later, I went on my break, came back bout 15 mins later, some 20-30 mins later, the RGIS team went on break. So, me, my supervisor, and several of my coworkers basically just hung out, straighten stuff up, had a very good laugh together, and continued where we all left once the RGIS team came back from break.

3 hrs later, we all went to lunch together. 005Everyone grabbing food and trying to find seats like it was no tomorrow! Even the supervisors joined the fun.



We all hung out, had a great time, talked to my Mum (She’s scheduled to go back next month) on my cell phone, and had a good laugh, as always.

Bout 30-35 mins later, we all went back to work. I ended up resuming the inventory count, and helped Alex and Molly with finding bras and underwear in order to be re-ticketed. Towards 1:30, everyone started helping out, and by the time 2:00 came, one of the coworkers told everyone that we could go home. We all thought that they were lying, until Jay was walking by, and I stopped him in his tracks just so everyone can ask him if we can really go home.

The answer: YES!!!

He told us (Me, Sue, Melissa, Molly, and all the others that were scheduled to leave at 2:30) that the boss and the other supervisor said that we all done a terrific job on the inventory count, and that we all can go home.

My reaction: Yesss!! Let’s go home!!

Our two supervisors and the boss thanked all of us for a job well done as we left. Some of em decided to stay for an extra 15 mins just so they can get that extra pay in. Still… my day was too awesome!! This was the best inventory day ever!

008 My face after I left the job bout 21 mins early, driving home. I gotta say, yesterday was a good day.

*Abrielle Corsette*

P.S., yesterday was the 3 yr anniversary of the day that Erik and I met.. and here we are 3 yrs later:

pizap.com13776544788411A photo college that I made of all the wonderful time that Erik and I have been through. He really liked it, by the way.


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