Please Read– Important News About My Blogs

Last night I was surprised by the results by what I saw on my last blog post, Abrielle Corsette Baiamonte: Photographer At Work. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so, cause I still need honest opinions on it. Like I promised, that’s gonna be my photographer name, and more importantly, that’s gonna the name for the my new signature  for this blog.

Okay, I didn’t promise that, but I meant to mention it on my last blog post, but I didn’t do so, cause I had to get ready for work.

Oh, just so you know, I’m making a new blog post on my Nook. Bout time, anyway.

So now that I have everything set, it’s time to make some very important and heavy changes to my blogs. Oh, and did you guys know that I’m making a third blog? Yep, I’m making a new blog! It’s gonna be a fashion and beauty blog called For the Love of Fashion and Beauty (It’s gonna be in French though). I posted more info bout it on my personal blog, so go check that out when you’re done.

So expect the changes to appear and made between the upcoming weeks to a month. Everything should be done by no later than September.

As much as I hate to change things round to this blog (and my other blog), especially since it’ll be almost a year since I went with my nickname (Sashi) as my “photographer name”, like people, companies, and everything else in life, changes has to be made. It’ll be better for my followers, for all of the readers, viewers, and more importantly, myself.

I know some of you will be sadden to see my nickname gone on this blog (However, in reality, it’s still my nickname, nonetheless. Anyone can still call me that, regardless), but it’s for the best. Since I’m moving on up to the blog business (Or whatever you wanna call it), it’s time to make changes, cause I do see photography being a career of mine, so I’m gonna start being a bit more professional with it.



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