Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

It is indeed true:

999126_553445084703310_1325830372_nPictures are worth 1000 words.

Like the photo above, for instance. Yesterday, I had to work, but Erik and I hung out after I got off from work. It was so awesome to see him again, as always.

526307_553445068036645_174253435_nWe were playing Wii Play last night.. and I caught his feet too, lol.

I was gonna post a photo of Erik giving the middle finger, but it’s on my phone. I’ll post it soon.

969810_552974231417062_668496837_nOh speaking of games, I’m actually getting better at Guitar Hero III on hard mode! Here’s me getting a 98% (Almost 1oo) on My Name is Jonas!

1150139_553445041369981_1755753318_nLast night, I got a 97% on Sunshine of Your Love. Can you believe it?

971030_552331941481291_113659928_nOne more photo: I actually played Quick play on GH3, and this is what happened on Holiday in Cambodia: A 95% and 5 stars, with 469 note streak!! I tried to do the same thing the next day, but it didn’t work. Oh well… I’m gonna try harder this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to fc (Full combo) one of the songs.


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