Then and Now Photos

I found some photos of me when I was a kid and baby.. and I found some photos of my cousins on my father’s side. So here we go, this is the first segment of my blog called Then and Now!

pizap.com13755810370781Me, then and now (Yes people, that’s me (Red outfit) when I was a kid. My cousin found a photo of me back in the day, lol)

602460_543387222375763_1564870157_nYep, that’s me when I was 3 weeks

945156_543387189042433_1874675072_nAnother picture of me (Me at 3 weeks (Red and white dress) and me at 7 months (Sailor dress))

12345_543387255709093_2025773064_nSpeaking of 7, this is me when I was 7 yrs!


46925_550536988327453_1838930839_nMy grandma (Before she passed away), my cousins Taylor (Glasses) and Emanie as kids.

969289_555268137858666_331817794_nMy cousin Emanie now (She’s grown up ever since I last saw her)

59739_571087726257874_1956740909_nMy other cousin Taylor (Along with my other cousin Benjamin) now (They all grew up ever since I last saw em! I gotta see em soon!)

Isn’t it crazy how people look when they were kids, and here they are now. These are just a few examples.


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