Short Post: My Reaction on Webcam

Okay, so this is a very short post for tonight, but here’s how my day went:

At 4 something this morning, I woke up, hearing one of my favorite songs: So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold (I only listen to this song when someone close to me dies, but on TV, they always play the short version on there) on TV. I ended up getting out of my bed and singing it, cause I couldn’t resist. I went to sleep a few hours later, only to wake up to A7X again (Welcome to the Family) at 8:04 in the morning!

Three hours later, I decided to practice some songs on Guitar Hero III, and guess what? About four songs (That the last time I got a 94% on) I ended up with a 96-99% (On guitar—one song I played on bass, and got a 99% on it. I’m finally getting better at it!)!! I was very excited and happy bout it, cause I’m finally getting better at the songs!

Later on that day, I ended up going to work, and got out on time. I didn’t get home til bout 45 mins ago, but as soon as I went upstairs, I found out that there was nothing on TV, so I ended up tuning to Music Choice. I tuned to the rock channel, and found there was nothing on, then I turned to the retro rock channel, and guess who I heard? No other than Nirvana!! This just made me smile, but when the song ended, I ended up switching between classic rock, retro rock, rock, and metal. Several minutes later, what other band did I hear? Avenged Sevenfold, of course (Nightmare, but it was the censored version. I ended listening to it on my iPod, cause I have the uncensored version on there), then Papa Roach, The Who, Rob Zombie, KISS, Nickleback, and now AC/DC (I heard one of their songs on one channel, then when I turned to another channel, there were playing on that channel)! Man, I’m hearing a slew of my favorite rock bands on Music Choice!!

Okay, to make this short, here was my reaction to hearing all of these great rock bands and artist all on three channels in a matter of 40 minutes (Estimation):

Image17Yea, I got it on webcam while I was listening to Nightmare, but this was my exact reaction (With a bigger smile, but the webcam caught it a bit too late) after hearing all of these great bands and artist. Yep, rock on everyone. Rock on.


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