Father’s Day: Before and After

Happy Father’s Day… this morning I woke up, feeling hot. I was trying to go back to sleep, but then I realized that today’s Father’s Day… this made me so upset, that I nearly cried for almost 5 hrs. After I woke up (2 hrs after I woke up), I started to cry again, cause I miss my father so much. My father passed away when I was just 6 yrs old, so my Mum has been raising me since I was bout 3. It’s a long story, so I’m not gonna go into further detail bout it.


This morning was so sad for me, that I also remember that Erik’s father passed away almost 2 yrs ago. This made me upset even more.

I told Erik bout it, and he said that he feels my pain… it just made feel like there’s not much time yet on Earth. I also remember that my dad was talking to me earlier this morning, telling me that he’s proud to see his little girl grown up so much. He also told me to tell Erik that he said hi, that we’re a perfect couple, and that he can’t wait to meet him soon.. and for him to be his son-in-law. Erik told me that his father said hi. His father also talked to him in Heaven as well. Anyway, talking to Erik bout my sadness (And realizing that his father talked to him in Heaven) made me feel better.

Hrs passed since I cried my eyes out, and I started to slowly improve. I mostly watched a bunch of Mortal Kombat longplays (Classic MK games) on YouTube, and that started to made me feel better.

015Not too long, I was gonna get ICE sparkling water, and not knowing that it was frozen, I shook it up, and guess what happened next? When I opened it up, it spilled all over my shirt and the floor! I thought it was funny. This made me feel much better! 🙂

Well, that’s what happened with my day. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads!


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