Be Free

011The sun is trying to come out

I’m sitting in my bed, resting from a cold.

Then the sky went black again, and rain starts to fall…

Just like my life: Sunny and feeling good, then in the blink of an eye, something or someone can and will make me feel sad and depressed once again.

Starting next Monday will more than likely make or break me. My Mum will start physical therapy, and more than likely I’ll be there with her.. or my aunt will take her. Hopefully I’ll be able to be alone so I can hang out with my old high school buddy. I haven’t seen him in 5 yrs, so we need to hang out to reconnect.

Thankfully he lives bout 2 mins from me, so yea, we gotta hang out.

In other days, I will travel to different cities, like Tinley Park, or Markham to see my Erik.

015I love to drive and travel. see my friends, and more importantly, this guy.

So yea, this week and next week, I’m gonna suddenly feel free.

Be free.

Be you.

Most importantly:

002Be with the person you love.



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