Cousin’s Birthday

Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday, so my family and I decided to celebrate it today. Here are the photos.

0427131231aDestination: Woodfield Mall

0427131231Main destination: Schaumburg

0427131249Step inside to walk round in Woodfield Mall!

0427131316Yogurt… so good! Taste just like ice cream!

0427131323My family (Most of em)

0427131323aMy grandma and my oldest cousin’s girlfriend (The rest of my family)

0427131351They decided to take my oldest cousin to The Cheesecake Factory for his birthday.

0427131423Appetizers: Buffalo chicken wings and Wonton. Don’t care for the Wonton though.. don’t really care for crab.

0427131447Lunch/dinner: Orange chicken with white rice and raspberry lemonade.

0427131821I was suppose to go to Hot Topic, but I had to get my iPod fixed, and that took a whole bunch of time.. so the only place I went was FYE. I knew I had to get the latest Kid Rock CD, and I finally did! My shopping is complete.



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