Last Week’s Weather and Store Closing

Yea, you heard me! I finally uploaded the photos from my photo to here, so that I can post em on here. Finally!

0413131606..but first, a little laugh for the day: This photo. Heehee.

0415131951This… I miss this game so much!! This was my childhood game, Pokemon Puzzle League!! I wanna play this game again soon.

Okay, now onto last week’s photos, starting Thursday.

0418131057This is what happened when I was on my way to school. On one side, you see the cars and trucks (but mostly semis) stuck in traffic. That was cause going to Chicago had roads closed.

Coming down the ramp, it was a HUGE puddle of water, that freakin could immobilize any car there. Thankfully as soon as I took this photo, I saw it and quickly got out of the way.

0418131057aAs soon as I started driving down the highway, it started raining hard again. I believe those people have been stuck in traffic for bout over a few hrs.

0418131058Rearview mirror. The only thing you could see there was the HUGE traffic jam on one side, and this lone car miles behind me. They closed BOTH sides of I-94, starting from 130th St. Please everyone…, whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to do this, unless you are a profession at this, OR you are not driving.

0418131059The traffic stretched all the way to the ramp of 159th St.

0418131059aLuckily, if you knew where you were going, you would’ve took the shortcut of taking 159th street to your destination (That is, if you weren’t going to Chicago).

0418131110Later when I went to my school, I came across a HUGE flood. Thankfully it didn’t get any worse.

0418131328After school. It started to rain again, although not as hard, but ya, the sweet, sweet smile on my face means that I am glad I didn’t take the day off.

0418131409Back in South Holland, I was trying to go to this advocate for my Mum, and the shortcut that I usually go to was blocked off… by the flood. Good freakin grief. =_=

0419131815The next day, I went to work, and it started hailing outside. Yea, this weather is getting crazier by the day.

0419131819When I got on the expressway, guess what? Another traffic jam, except it was cause I-94 was closed down due to Thursday’s wicked weather, so people were forced to exit via Dolton and take another route.

0422130833Two days later, the sun was shining. The horror weather was gone. This was taken today.

Photos that were taken today:

0422131322The Love Meter test. As you can see, my twin Ari put down me and Erik’s names on there and guess what? We’re a perfect love match! 😀 Yay I’m soo happy!

0422131110What you are looking at is me and my twin (Our reflections at the door, heehee) taking a photo of Magic Photo.. one of many shops that were closed down at River Oaks Mall. This mall has gotten worse over the years that I’ve been going there. Sadly, Magic Photo was one of my favorite photo shops to go… I’m pissed off and upset that they shut it down.

0422131601Final photo. Anti-gravity chairs rock! I was relaxing on one of these (The oversized chair), and some of the people (Including my coworkers and supervisors) were telling me that I look so relaxed and confortable laying in the chair! One lady called me a kid, though.. which was pretty funny. 🙂

So there are the photos. Happy Earth Day!



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