30 Day Photo Challenge: Day Thirty

Thank you all sooo very much for reading and viewing my 30 day photo challenge!!

0331131522I’m gonna end this challenge with a bang, cause day 30 is… Easter!!! 😀

I spent my Easter Sunday with my future family-in-law. Here’s my future nieces and nephews-in-law playing round.

0331131528Lele and Izzy playing on the computer

0331131529Our 3rd Easter together, and going strong! 😀

0331131539For Easter dinner: Ham, salad with ranch and thousand island dressing, potato salad, homemade mac n cheese, spaghetti and meatballs!

0331131515 For drinks: Flavored water, iced tea, pepsi, and moutain dew! For dessert: Cake and banana pudding!

0331131539aThe kids eating. They prayed before they ate.

So once again, thanks for all of the likes and follows, not to mention the reads and views of my 30 day photo challenge!!


P.S., I just received some bad news: My friend and her friend got hit by a drunk driver this morning. She survived, but her friend didn’t. She is suppose to make a speedy recovery, however. Please keep her in your prayers!

P.P.S., they did arrest the drunk driver who killed her friend though. I’m just glad my friend’s alive though.., but I’m saddened bout her friend.


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