30 Day Photo Challenge: Day Twenty Six

Four more days to go!

0327131700Day 26: The Trip to Chicago with Erik

There we were, getting on the Metra train to Chicago with other people.

0327131707When I’m on the train… I see stuff going by!

0327131721Let’s all sing The Train Song *Claps twice* I wanna sing it all day long! Let’s all sing The Train Song *Claps twice* Let’s all sing along! <—SpongeBob parody

0327131727We flew by the Museum of Science and Natural History

0327131730Here we are, at our destination:


0327131755Do you see that very tall building? That’s Roosevelt University. My best friend goes to that college.

0327131755aMore buildings, and who do we have here at the left-hand corner?? Why it’s Erik! Sorry… I must’ve took a pic while he was talking to me. I didn’t noticed it til I view the photos at my job.

0327131803John Marshall Law School

0327131804Lighted trees

0327131817Toys, and more toys!

0327131818Puzzle view of Chicago

0327131911Me and my Erik. I took this while he wasn’t looking, and he just laughed it off.

So it is midnight, but I’m still counting this as the 27th.



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