30 Day Photo Challenge: Day Twenty Four

6 more days to go on this 30 day photo challenge!! Oh crap, time goes by way too fast!

Here is day 24: Church with my boyfriend at my house.

0324131152Basically he was trying to take me to his church yesterday, but a train got caught in his way, and so he decided to come by my house to cheer me up, cause I was feeling so upset cause of it.

0324131203So what he did was find a church channel and we both ended up reading verses from the bible and watching Sunday church on TV. Afterwards, we played Wii Sports, watched some more TV, and ate lunch. Overall, I have to say that he basically made my day yesterday.


P.S., hopefully this Easter, we’ll be able to go to church for real, instead of looking at church on TV this time.. if there is no train blocking his way, of course!!


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