30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20

Oh my gosh, 10 more days to go before this challenge is complete!

I FINALLY found some photos for today, thank you brain!

0321131239Day 20: It’s not just a blank binder. What’s inside is this:

0321131240It’s me and Erik’s wedding planning worksheet! Huzzah!

0321131240aCalendar checklist

0321131241Bridal shower sheet (One of MANY worksheets that is in our binder)

0321131241a…and the traditional line up. Sadly, both of our fathers passed away, so there will be no father of the bride or father or the groom. However, I think that two men will be willing to substitute for the father or the bride and groom. Who though, I have no idea just yet. It’s WAY too early to find out.

Before we can even TALK or even THINK bout the wedding, we got one important thing to think bout (Besides school and finding our dream jobs):

0321131242Apartment hunting!! I think Erik has finally realize that now since he has turned 25 two days ago, he needs to start looking for an apartment and move out within the next year or two. Since I’m gonna be 25 next year, I need to start looking as well, cause I really need to move out. I’ll make that a new blog post on Inside the Undergrad’s World either today or tomorrow. I’ll post a link to it once I get it posted.



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