30 day Photo Challenge: Days Three and Four

Hey guys… sorry I missed yesterday’s photo challenge. Been busy all of a sudden. I do have photos, though. I’m gonna post two photos for days three and four. I’m kinda breaking the rules a bit, but I’m gonna make it up for yesterday.

Day 3:

0303131017My J-Pop CD that I listen to now: Mika Nakashima’s album Music. She’s one of my favorite J-pop artist. 🙂

0303131412Sunday when I was at work, I decided to try this toasted chips. They’re really good! It’s time I start eating healthier from now on.

Day four:

0305131320I took this today. It was a huge snowstorm that’s going on right now, and I was in the middle of it when I got out from school. Which reminds me: My school was closed almost an hr and 45 mins after my class was over! Everyone else’s school was closed as well.

0305131134I also took this today, before I went to class. I have to keep the photo as is, cause when I turn it to the right size, meaning straight, it looks a bit blurry. As you can see, the snow is falling and the trees are so wonderful with the snow on em!


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