wet hair

Well, this is what my hair would look like when it’s wet. Now mind you, this is a totally random post. What goes on here.. goes on here.., except for a few exceptions.

0203131901aYep, my hair’s usually wavy when it’s really wet. I took this Sunday, cause I kinda like how my hair turned out after I washed it, as you can see from this photo. It’s kinda like the hairstyle I had before… until I parted my hair in the middle. It’s like an emo hairstyle, per se. Here’s another photo.

0203131901Of course, it’s matted somewhat, but that’s how most women’s hair is like after they get it wash, am I right or no?

All in all, it’s awesome how my hair looks like after it’s been washed or permed. There you go, here’s the random post. The freakin end. Smile with tongue out


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