My typical afternoon routine

This is just photos of what my typical afternoon looks like.

0204131236Eat (Yesterday I had Popeyes, and the cashier gave me a free drink. How lucked up was I??)

0204131336Listen to what’s on my computer (Mostly AVGN episodes and video game longplays like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! and Contra)

0204131336aAlso, listen to my music on my Mum’s DVD (I have the same one, but it’s upstairs in my room. I should plug it up sometime).

0204131337Watch some YouTube videos (Here I’m watching one of the AVGN’s episodes.. I think I was watching the episode where he reviews Rambo for the NES).

0204131338Here’s me. I’m usually listening to my computer or Ipod during this time.

Well, that’s what I usually do on a typical afternoon… if I’m not at school or hanging out with my friends and boyfriend.. or going shopping with Mum.



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