Merci From Yours Truly!!

I’m gonna post this in three languages: English, French, and Italian. P.S., to get rid of the confusion, I put the French translations in parentheses, and the Italian translations in brackets in some parts. I do know how to speak French and Italian, but not fluently… only a little bit.


Thank you all soo much for the followers! Thanks to you, I’m now up to 24 followers on this blog, and up to 12 followers on Inside the Undergrad’s World! As far as likes… I’m up to 155 likes total on my current blog, Sashi’s Photography, and I’m up to 35 likes total on Inside the Undergrad’s World. *Mouths out* What.. the.. f**k?! Surprised smile I can’t believe I have that many likes on BOTH of my blogs!! That.. is… pure… amazing!!! Open-mouthed smile

I have to thank you all!! Merci, thank you, grazie!!

Oh yea, I have photos. The following outfit that I was wearing will be the main outfit that I’m gonna wear for my short movie: The French Exchange Student in Chicago. (Oh oui, j’ai des photos. La tenue suivante que je portais sera la tenue principale que je vais porter pour mon court-métrage: Le Student Exchange française à Chicago.) [Oh sì, ho delle foto. Il vestito di seguito, io indossavo sarà il vestito principale che sto andando indossare per il mio cortometraggio: The Student Borsa francese a Chicago.]

IMG_0063 Bonjour (Hello)

IMG_0064Je t’amine (I love you)

IMG_0065Ciao! (Goodbye!)


Je vous remercie tous beaucoup pour les adeptes! Merci à vous, je suis maintenant jusqu’à 24 abonnés sur ce blog, et jusqu’à 12 abonnés sur l’intérieur du monde étudiants de premier cycle! En ce qui concerne aime … Je suis à 155 aime totale sur mon blog actuel, Photographie Sashi, et je suis jusqu’à 35 goûts total sur secrets du monde étudiants de premier cycle. Je ne peux pas croire que j’ai beaucoup de goûts sur mes deux blogs! Que .. est … pure … incroyable!

Je tiens à remercier vous tous! Merci!


Grazie a tutti tanto per i seguaci! Grazie a te, ora sono fino a 24 seguaci su questo blog, e fino a 12 seguaci su all’interno del mondo Undergrads! Per quanto ama … sono fino a 155 calibro totale sul mio blog attuale, Fotografia Sashi, e sono fino a 35 gusti totale all’interno del mondo Undergrads. Non posso credere che ho che piace a molti su entrambi i miei blog! Che .. è … pura … incredibile!

Devo ringraziare tutti voi! Grazie!

Don’t you just love learning and speaking new languages? I do. (Ne vous adorent apprendre et parler de nouvelles langues? Je fais.) [Amate di imparare e parlare nuove lingue? Che faccio.]

Translations credit goes to Google Translate, by the way. (Traductions de crédit va à Google Translate, par la voie.) [Traduzioni di credito va a Google Translate, tra l’altro.]  ^^

–Sashi ^^


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