Before, During, and After Christmas Photos

Hey guys.. Merry belated Christmas!

Here are some photos I took from my new camera.

Here are the before Christmas photos (These were taken during the mall…)


Erik, Arianna, James, and I went to White Castle 2 days before the world was “suppose” to end. So just for s**ts and giggles, he decided to be the missing White Castle snowman’s face.







1219121132Now onto FYE, where Ari takes a picture of a life-sized poster of The Rock.

1219121136Here’s a group photo of us. *Just so you guys won’t be confused: James (Green jacket), me (Red purse), Erik (Next to me.. the tall one), Ari (The short one with the nerd shirt), and Brittney (With the long hair)*

1221121230I was playing Contra on a NES emulator.

1222121536Here’s the guy smiley face water tower. Now he finally has his mate: The girl smiley face water tower (Over in Dolton).

1222121716For the holiday season…

1223121420Finally got the presents under the Christmas tree.

Here’s the photos during Christmas.

IMG_0009Here at my grandma’s house on Christmas day, presents are just waiting to be opened.

IMG_0011Here’s a few of my presents: A Barnes and Noble Nook HD and a new camera bag

IMG_0013..and a Nook cover!

IMG_0014Presents and food among us

IMG_0016My cousin and his girlfriend

IMG_0017Here’s me, my aunts, Mum, grandma, and my cousin’s girlfriend.

IMG_0020My cousins, one of my cousin’s girlfriend, grandma, and aunt.

IMG_0021Doggy days. Oh yea, all of my photos that I took on the day of Christmas, I took em on my new camera. Now I won’t have to use my camera phone to take photos again… unless necessary.

IMG_0022Photos taken outside with the new camera.. success!

IMG_0023Buildings in Schaumburg

IMG_0025This camera takes really good photos.

IMG_0032Here’s Erik with his new winter coat. He loves it!

1225121044My new camera that I got for Christmas

1225121044aWith flash

Here’s the after Christmas photos.

IMG_0036This was me and everyone celebrating Brittney’s belated birthday. We took her to Denny’s.

IMG_0037Group photo with Erik, Ari, Brittney, Latoya, James, Albert, and Donte.

1227121724Final photo.. this one I took with my mobile phone. It’s kinda of an illusion, but with a reflection. Something to that nature.



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