Thanksgiving Photos

1122120857Well, well, well. What have we here?

These are my photos that I took from Thanksgiving.

I went to my grandparents for Thanksgiving.. of course I had to go all the way to West Dundee (Which is almost west of Rockford) with my Mum to get there. So the following photos are just photos from my trip there. P.S., I wanna go to Aurora one day.

1122120859First toll of the hour long trip.

1122120900Next stop: I-290 West.

1122120901If you take I-290 East, it’ll take you to Chicago.

1122120918The Medieval Times.

1122120913 Going to downtown Schaumburg. I wanna live there when I move out.

1122120927aNext Stop: West Dundee.

1122121217Two of my aunt’s three pups.

1122121224Here’s my aunt’s pups. Scrappy as Superman, Snowbal as the Joker, and Suki as… well, as a little Christmas helper.

I have too much photos to show, so I’m just gonna stop it here. Black Friday was good for a change.. but I only took one photo. Also, I’ve  been busy with work lately, so that’s why I haven’t posted on either one of my blogs as of lately. Also, I’ve been kinda sick as well, so that’s another reason why I haven’t blog as of lately.



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