Election Day! Vote Vote Vote!


Well everyone, it’s that time again: Election Day! Did you vote today? If not, do it while you still can!

1106120654As you can see, this is the fitness center that I went to for voting.You may think that the line is long, but it actually wasn’t. It was indeed short.

1106120710This is where people vote electronically. That’s where I did my voting. Too bad they didn’t have more of those in there!

1106120710aThis is where you have to sign up to cast your vote. The judges also ask you if you want to vote by paper or electronically.

1106120711…which leads to two lines: One to vote via paper, and one to vote via electronically.

1106120717Bill of rights and other important stuff on the wall

1106120723If you paper voted, all you needed was a pen. If you electronic voted, all you need is this neat little card. It only takes bout 6+ mins, depending on how fast you go. After you’re done, return that to the judge, and receive your sticker that shows that you voted! The sticker is at the beginning of this blog post.

1106120846I got this from Starbucks. Doesn’t get any better than this!



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