Making a Separate Blog

Okay, so for those who are looking at my blog, you’ll see that it has been changed. New theme, changed subtitle. This main blog will be mostly focused on fashion and photography.

As for the second blog…, this will be my personal blog. It will be focused on personal life, news, business, and everything else.

1101122348Here’s me in my new headphones. I haven’t posted a pic of me in a while. Rock and rebel hair ftw.

I haven’t decide on what the name of the title will be for my personal blog, when am I gonna create it, or the theme to it, but once that’s done, I’ll let you guys know. For now, I’m gonna get my hair dyed and get ready for work. When I come home, hopefully the new blog idea will come to me. Also, I gotta see if I have any homework due tonight. I hope not. If so, then I’ll get to that as well.

Homework before blogging. That’s how it goes sometimes.


P.S., do you guys have any suggestions on my new blog?? I already have a photography/fashion blog. I just need some ideas… *Thinking*


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