Three More Weeks and Pictures

Hey ya! Sorry I haven’t been blogging my heart out lately. I’ve been busy with spending time with my love and my friends.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I went to go see Paranormal Activity 4 Thursday and Wreck-It Ralph yesterday. Paranormal Activity 4 was too scary.. I seriously reccommend everyone to go see it if you like horror movies. Wreck-It Ralph was just too funny and awesome! I seriously reccommend seeing it if you like video games and cartoons.

Anyway, I have some photos from Halloween. Which reminds me: Happy belated Halloween to you all.


 Me, Ari, James, and Erik were waiting for our train to arrive, so while we were talking loudly (We love talking loudly), I decided to take pics.. of trains. A stretch of trains. We were at the train station over in Harvey if you were wondering

.This train was moving fast. It felt like a torando was coming through nearby. We couldn’t hear each other’s conversation


In the metra train, you see things, trains, and buildings going by. We were sitting on the top floor.

I love going on trains, especially downtown Chicago.

Almost in downtown Chicago!

Finally in Downtown Chicago!!

As the sun sets, you can see the city lights and the buildings lighting up. People walking by to enjoy the city, going to Halloween parties, go home, or go take the Metra train and head home after a long day of work or school.

I love going to downtown Chicago. This is where I wanna live.

Good ol Chicago, how I love ya at night.

Now, the next few pictures are when I was at my friend’s Anime Halloween Party.

This is the Halloween party at my friend’s Anime club. Everyone’s in costumes.

Someone dressing up as Jason. 🙂

These two guys were playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

A few other people were playing Mario Party 4.

One of the girls was drawing my twin Ari. She was dressing as her own version of Kagone from Inuyasha. As you can see, my other two buddies are in the picture: My friend James (Sitting by Ari) and Josh (In Black, standing by the wall).

We made some new friends at the anime club. It was too awesome. Erik had a great time as well. Oh yea, I was dressed as a french maid and Erik was dressed as Michael Meyers from Halloween.

Final picture before I have to say my final word.

While my friends and I were trying to catch the train, I just had to get a picture of the buildings. This is why downtown Chicago is so awesome!

Anyway, it’s gonna be three more weeks til my birthday comes. Well, two more weeks starting tomorrow. Also, my last day of vacation is today. I gotta go back to work tomorrow. Also, my first semester is ending very soon. Where has the time gone?



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