Be Assertive and Say NO!

Happy belated Halloween to you all. Yesterday I went to my friend’s Halloween party. It was a blast! Anyway, what this title means… lemme me say this in the nicest way possible:

If there’s a doucebag that wants you to do something that you don’t want, or if that doucebag is taking you for granted, be assertive and say no. Fend him/her off, and show him/her that you mean business. That’s what I had to do today with this lazy doucebag: Be assertive, say no, show him that I mean business, and walked away. Once I got to my car, I had this HUGE relief in my system. He got what he deserve.

Lemme tell you a short story: I did this doucebag a favor and decided to do his homework for him, only cause I was being nice to him and that I wanted to help him out and he didn’t have time. That was a HUGE mistake that I’ll never do again. Once I told him that I sent him an email and that his homework was done. Not ONCE did he said thank you or anything like that. I knew that all he wanted was his homework done. So in my Business Communication class, we were talking bout how to be assertive and how to say no in a way that you’re not being a jerk bout it. That made me realize that I need to be more assertive and to say no more often. After class, the doucebag told me that he has homework that I should do for him. I told him that I won’t be able to do it cause I have tons of stuff to do this weekend. This was yesterday, by the way.

Today before class, I was reading before my Business Law class, he comes to me, hands me his homework, and I told him that I wasn’t gonna do it. I went up to him, and that I told him “Forget it, I’m not doing your homework. I have tons of stuff to do and won’t have time to do it.” I went on my way.

Then before, during, and after class, I told my friend bout it, and she put it plain and simple: “He’s a doucebag. He’s a lazy doucebag.” She’s so right. Some mins later, he came up to me and ask me did I get his text. Finally, I told him that I wasn’t gonna do his homework and that he needs to do his homework. Of course, he got mad and said that he was gonna do it himself. Fine, that’s how it’s suppose to be, him doing HIS OWN homework, not me doing his homework. After that, I walked away, deleting his number and his email. I feel so relieved now. It was worth it.

Thankfully the semester is almost over, so I’m not gonna see him next semester, I hope not. At the same time, I hate that the semester is almost over, cause I had fun in my classes. This was the best first semester that I had.

Still… my Business Communication class taught me a very important lesson: Be assertive and say no when someone is messing with you. Don’t let em take you for granted.


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