Halloween Eve

Here are some Halloween photos to help you get ready for tomorrow.

1027121055I was volunteering at this Halloween parade for my job with my coworkers and their children.

1027121055aMy coworker’s grandkids.

1027121056We were riding on a trolley.

1027121118candy for us and for the little kids who were participating in this event.

1027121207 we (Meaning my coworkers, supervisor, several people, and I) were bored cause the parade didn’t start til bout almost 12:30, 1:00.

1027121225Oh look, there’s someone who’s dressed as a mustard bottle! everyone else’s costumes looked better than mine.. much more better.

Anyway, I was in the parade as well, helping my coworker’s granddaughter trick or treating. it was fun!

1027121316yep, that’s me… dressed as a varsity schoolgirl, with geeky glasses and everything. what made it cooler was my new pink teddy bear hat.. which everyone loved.

1027121226cute little girl in a batman costume. Most of these kids looked too cute in their costumes.

1027121226anow, aside from the little baby and her cute costume, I say her dad kinda dressed up as one of the insane clown posse members. eek.

1027121239that surprised door scared a bunch of kids.

1027121251Christmas tree and Christmas tree present. I like it.

1027121330here comes the parade! I took tons of photos of the event, but I’M not gonna post all of em. only 3 more.

1027121332aTwo sided face.. the guy with the huge hat on next to the lady with the witch hat on.

1027121335this little boy was dressed as Spongebob… I thought that was adorable.

1027121335eLook at this adorable tot dressed as Minnie mouse. too cute!

1027121335dI thought this boy’s costume was creative.

1027121336final picture. the boy with the yellow angry birds costume smiled for the camera. how cool.. as cool as that other boy dressed as coca-cola! Smile

Well, that’s all the pictures from last Saturday. As October comes to a close, I can finally say, let November begin. Tomorrow I’m going to a Halloween party with my boyfriend and best friend. I’ll make sure to have some pictures by then!


P.S., I changed things round a bit.. different font for Halloween. Pretty cool, huh?


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