WWE Hell In a Cell Review

Hey all of my fans and you readers! First off, I really thank you all for reading and liking my blog! It’s only been over a month, and already I have 100 likes on my blog!! Open-mouthed smile Thank you all!! Open-mouthed smile I’m touched! *Tears up, then puts on serious face*


Anyway, this is gonna be my first wrestling review. I’m not gonna make tons of wrestling reviews, cause some of the shows and PPVs (Pay-per-view) don’t need much reviewing. For my first wrestling review, it’s Hell in a Cell.

1st match: Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

Decent match. I wasn’t expecting much out of the way, since it was the very first match in this PPV. I didn’t watch some parts of the match due to me getting one part of my final project done for my Business Communication class, however I was able to catch most of the match. In the end, Orton came back with The Viper Strike (After being hit with the Cross Armbreaker by Del Rio), and took the match. Overall, like I said, decent match.

2nd match: Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Of course, not much to say here. The only thing that I can say is that once again, team Hell No reigns supreme. Although team Rhodes Scholars did win by DQ, team Hell No still has the championship belt. Now, what can we all say again? Hmm, okay, how bout “I am the tag team champions! No, I am the tag team champions!” Really?

3rd match: The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

Just like the previous match, this one was a no brainer. Just like what I and so many fans that saw the previous match between these two on Monday Night Raw, Kofi wins with the Trouble in Paradise.

4th match: Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel

Need I say more? Cesaro wins. What more can I say? He claims that “No American can defeat him,” but who knows? Someone will. I can think of a few wrestlers that can beat him, like Rhyback or CM Punk. Who knows? It might be a good match between one of those two wrestlers.

5th match: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Prime Time Players (More like Team Cocky Players)

Once again, the two Mexican superstars won the match, which is indeed a good thing. 619 + with the help of Sin Cara (I don’t even know what his signature move is, if he even has one that is!) = win of almost any match… ALMOST. One thing that I did notice was that Sin Cara’s head got almost snapped back in half during the match. He did walk out of the match a winner though.. and still shaky, but fine.

6th match: Big Show vs Sheamus

Oh ho ho, man!!! That match was truly epic!! Most people say that it was the best match out of the whole PPV, much better than the main event. In fact, I agree.. although I was kinda disappointed that Big Show won the World Heavyweight Championship.., but then again, we do need a new champion, so I got over it pretty quickly. So it was the battle between the KO Punch and the Brode Kick. I gotta say, even though Sheamus’ Brode Kick did hit the Big Show, it wasn’t enough. Although I do have to give credit to Sheamus though for being the first wrestler to kick out of the KO Punch. Sadly though, it was the best match out of the entire PPV.. oh wait, I just said that. Oh well, I have to make my point across one way or another.

7th match: Eve vs Kaitlyn and Layla

Now, I hate watching Diva matches, unless it’s a good match, then I usually don’t bother watching it. So what did I do during that time? I used that time to take a shower and get ready for school tomorrow! Nonetheless, Eve won the match. *Yawns* Next.

8th and final match (The main event): CM Punk vs Ryback (My twin Ari and I call him Rhydon, for good reasons. All you Pokemon fans would understand).

Now, I have to say: This main event (Along with the rest of the matches, except for Sheamus vs Big Show) made this whole PPV sucked balls. Now, without the ref helping out, I would’ve called it a good match. One of the two best matches of this PPV, but just like my bf Erik told me over the phone: “The match sucked. CM Punk cheated.” Of course, who would’ve expected the ref would turn heel and help Punk win the match?? Nobody! I have to admit, the match was turning out to be good, but the ref had to make a Ric Flair dirty move in order to let Punk win the match. Really? Really??

That wasn’t even the end to this stupid match. Although the match was over, Ryback (A.K.A. Rhydon) ended up getting revenge at the ref for making him lose the match. I don’t blame him one bit. Of course, it got him so worked up, that he ended up Shell Shocking CM Punk on the roof of Hell in a Cell. By the way, I call Ryback’s Shell Shocked “Horn Drill”, cause I don’t think anyone has ever kicked out of that move before. So just like Rhydon’s Horn Drill, Ryback’s Shell Shocked is considered a OHKO final move that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You know what? I just found out on wwe.com that the ref— hang on a second.

*Sees a mosquito flying down in front of the computer, smashes the number pad, smashes the bed, sees the mosquito falling down on the bed, on its back, grabs the tissue, squishes it inside the tissue, and flushes it down the toilet, washes hands, and sits back down*

Sorry bout that. Dam mosquito… X( At least I killed it. I thought it was a spider that was coming down on me, but it was just a stupid mosquito that wanted to get killed. It wasn’t gonna give me the West Nile Virus nor suck my blood, no way!! Anyway, I just found out on wwe.com that the ref was working in collusion with the WWE champion! It now makes a whole lot of sense, now. Still.. really?? Yea, that was the whole match, and guess what? The show ended bout 8 mins early. Tis crazy!

Anyway, I give this year’s Hell in a Cell a 2.5 out of 10. Why such a low number? Aside from the main event (Which sucked and was unbelievably crazy at the end), the matches were VERY predictable. The only match that wasn’t predictable was Sheamus vs Big Show, Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio, and Ryback vs CM Punk. That’s all I gotta say for this review. I hope I did good in it, cause I have never did a review on a wrestling PPV before.



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