The Ramblings of an Enraged Woman

Listen up and read this good, reader. This is the ramblings of an enraged woman.

Now, I got home bout 2 mins before midnight. I have my phone charged up (Cause I have been talking to my boyfriend about something serious, that I will talk bout shortly), and now I’m listening to Maybe by Sick Puppies and a few heavy metal and rock songs. This song helps me to release my anger, and to help me push forward in life.

As I’m listening to New Day’s Dawn by Fozzy, I have to say, I need to vent my anger. Why? Cause if there’s one thing that pisses me off the most, its being blamed and criticized for. That’s what my supervisor did to me… and to tell the truth, I guess it is my fault. She was right to blame criticize me. To make things worse, she told me that someone in the department had to straighten the jeans dept. Well, I decided to do that. So I spent 4 hours trying to detail one part of jeans. Only reason why I spent that long was cause my boss wanted the depts to be zoned and detailed, and that’s what I did… and it made things worse. This is why I HATE MY JOB! Everytime I try to straighten my dept, I always get yelled at and blamed for, saying that I have to zone while I straighten. It’s true for the other way round. Depending on who’s the supervisor or boss that’s closing that night, they either want it straighten or zone. I try my best to get my depts detailed and/or straightened as best as I can, up to how they want it. I can’t go as fast as I can just like almost all of my other coworkers. Even when I try to do so, I either get hurt, or I get distracted by my boss or supervisor wanting me to do something else, or by customers. So I have to take my time with it, cause so far, it’s been working. Now… I have no choice, but to pick up the pace at work and speed things up.

So that’s where my problem lies: Trying to go too fast, and then I get bombarded with other duties and dealing with customers, thus hurting myself or getting myself tired quickly… which means that I have to straighten my depts, and that results in making my supervisor(s) happy and out of my head, but also end up getting yelled and being nitpicked at by my boss. At the same time, trying to take my time, it’s the EXACT opposite. THE EXACT OPPOSITE. I am dead  f**kin serious.

Seriously people, if you were in my shoes and if you had to do the same thing that I always been doing for the past 4 years, and your supervisor and/or boss yells, blames, and criticizes you for detailing or straightening up the depts fast enough, would’ve you be this pissed off too? Yea, I think you would. If not, then something’s wrong with you. I’m sorry, but I have never heard of someone not getting pissed off for being blamed, yelled, and criticized from their boss or supervisor. Unless you have been criticized, yelled, and/or blamed for over and over throughout your life, and you’ve gotten used to it (By at this time, you would’ve been enraged, seeking out revenge, or depressed), that’s basically insane.

So yea, thankfully I am officially on vacation til next Sunday (No work for me, no supervisors nor boss blaming and yelling at me for not getting depts clean, no nothing. Thank you Samus Aran!!!!!)

Lemme tell you all something right now: I don’t take criticism lightly. In fact, I don’t take criticism at all. You say one thing bad to me, or if you blame, yell, or criticize me for anything, you’ll gonna see a very bad—and I mean an enraged side—of me. Then again—and I know someone’s gonna tell me this in the comments section—, I should take criticism as something to improve your skills. Still, I can’t stand criticism. If it’s to the point of having me to tears, then so be it.

Anyway, back t0 what I was saying earlier. Oh yea, then again, it should be my fault for not doing my job right. I mean, how else was I suppose to distinguished zoning from straightening up the jeans area?? If you would’ve been clearer, then we wouldn’t had this problem! *Shakes head in disgust and anger* Okay, I admit this time, it was my fault. There, I said it. Happy now? I’m going to f**kin bed now.



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