Photography Part 1

1022120815I’m gonna do a photo of me walking on the railroad tracks. This is the perfect place to do so.

1022120840This is one of several pics I took at my school a few days ago. I call this one: Standing in the Mud

1022120842A lone goose swimming in this big, big lake. I call this: Goose Against the World. That’s how life is right now, it’s you against the world.

1022120845I call this one: Reflection Pool. I named it after Reflecting Pool from Metroid Prime. I’ll make a blog about that very soon.

1022120852Who’s that person in the reflection?

1022121031Dead end ahead. For some reason, seeing No Outlets and Dead Ends interested me when I was a kid. I now know why: When you’re living at a dead end neighborhood, or if you’re the only person living there, it’s just you and the people surrounding it. That’s my variation of it.

1022121325Trains, trains, and more trains.

1022121325aAgain, if I lived near a railroad track when I was a kid, this would make me happy. This would make me calm and helped me when I had anger issues.

Part 2 coming up!



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