Photography Final Part

The following photos were taken today.

1025121305Earlier, my Mum and I was at the vehicle inspection place for her yearly inspection for her car.

1025121306This here is the OBO communicator (The beige looking tv). It shows the vehicle inspection in progress and the other stuff that the workers put in. In the background shows the license plate that’s being inspected.

1025121307This is where the drivers stand or sit at, this waiting area. It looks small, but it’s actually a bit roomy. The passengers can still sit in the car.

OBO communicationThis little plug thing there is how the workers inspect your vehicle.

1025121310Leaving the inspection place now.

1025121321Next stop: The DMV.

1025121321aThis is where you park your car (Located by those two red cars in this photos) after you’re done with your driving portion of the test. I passed my driving test on my first try.


1025121323This is where you either pay to renew your license, get a permit, take a written portion of the test (As shown by the two girls standing all the way in the background. You can also take a eye exam there and register to get your license).

1025121745Final picture!! This is the fortune that I got today. It inspired me to continue school, despite what my Mum wants me to do. She wants me to not go to school next semester and pay off my student loans. I’m still gonna go to school and continue my plan. I’m gonna go for it.



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