Is it Too Late to Start Your Life Over?

Is it never too late to start your life over from the beginning? I don’t think so. Besides, you have God on your side. He can help you with starting your life over.. for the better. By the way, this is a very short, yet meaningful, post.

It’s never too late to start your life over. If you start your life over from the beginning, for the better, with God on your side, nothing can stop you. That’s what I’m doing right now.

With me being an undergrad, I decided to start my life over.. not really. To tell the truth, I’m trying to start my life over anew. I have God on my side, and my boyfriend to help me get through, but there is one thing that’s missing from this whole equation: My independence.

Right now, with me working one minimum wage job and going to school part time, it’s a start. With me living with my Mum, that’s a different story. I don’t know bout you, but to me, you can’t be independent if you’re still living with your parent(s). If you’re living with your parent(s), you’re either still trying to either save up so you can move out, or you’re not ready to be independent just yet, which is fine.., which is also understandable. I, myself, is trying to move out, as well. I don’t wanna be 26+ years old, still living with my Mum. I want to move out as fast as I can, but with the dam economy trying to get it’s f**kin act together, it’s hard to f**kin do so.

Okay, I said the f word twice in that last sentence, but I censored it out, so it’ll make me look like I’m not really cursing. I rarely curse, to tell the truth, and when I do, it’s usually out of extreme and unavoidable anger.

Anyway, my independent and true life won’t start til I move out. It’s only the beginning. Once I graduate of out undergrad school, hopefully I’ll have my dream job in tact, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready to start my life over from the start… the way that I want it to be.

Okay, so it wasn’t a very short post (If you do call it a very short post, that is!), but it was meaningful, is it not?


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