One More Month

Morning everyone! It’s now 9 mins before my class ends… and I just need to show some new pictures I took yesterday.

1016121314Christmas trees ahoy!!

1017121152If you look closely at the bushes, it says “Applied Systems”. I took this when I was visiting Lincoln Mall yesterday for the very first time. Just like my friends said: It’s dead in there.

1017121234One thing that I love to take pictures of are trains. When I was a kid, I used to dream about living near the train tracks, so I can see the trains going by whenever I can. They still fascinate me though.

1017121235This picture I had to crop due to the actual photo showing the cars’ license plates.

4 mins until my class starts. Gotta run for now!

Edit: The title, One More Month, basically means that it’s gonna be exactly one month until my 23rd birthday. Man, time’s going by fast. Next Tuesday is my Mum’s birthday, as well. Jeez time’s flying by so fast!



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